Side Effects of Fenugreek Tea

BuddhaTeas Fenugreek Tea Side EffectsDrinking fenugreek tea is considered to be a safe herbal remedy though there are a few side effects that can be experienced while drinking it. Luckily, these side effects are generally mild and nothing to be concerned with. However, it is always good to be aware of any potential side effects before drinking any herbs that you are unfamiliar with.

In the case of fenugreek tea, some side effects that may be experienced are: diarrhea, stomach discomfort, gas, and a maple syrup like smell in urine. This smell may also be detected in breast milk for women that take fenugreek tea while they are nursing, however this is a harmless effect.  It is not recommended to take fenugreek tea during pregnancy as it can have a possibility of causing contractions too early. Those who are allergic to fenugreek should avoid drinking fenugreek tea. Allergic reactions will include nasal congestion, swelling, wheezing, and coughing. It is advised to consult your physician prior to taking fenugreek tea if you are uncertain of whether you are sensitive to fenugreek or if you are currently on any medications.

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