Fenugreek Tea for Lowering Cholesterol

BuddhaTeas Fenugreek Tea for CholesterolAlthough fenugreek is used mainly for cooking, more recently there are also people who will enjoy these tasteful seeds as a tea. Many people drink fenugreek for the sweet flavor and aroma that in can offer. However, there are also many beneficial medicinal uses for this tea as well. Drinking this herbal tea can be an effective way of lowering high levels of cholesterol in the body, which can in turn also lower your risk of suffering from unwanted heart attacks and strokes.

Dangers of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol does not usually have any prominent symptoms, but this is what can make it dangerous. The main concerns for developing a high cholesterol level is that it can increase a risk of suffering from a heart attack or a stroke. Many people will develop high cholesterol levels as a result of dietary habits. Foods that are high in cholesterol, such as eggs, meats, and some dairy products, can increase cholesterol levels if they become a regular staple of a diet. High cholesterol can create clogs in the arteries which can prevent the proper amount of oxygen from reaching the heart and brain. This specifically is what can trigger heart attacks and strokes.

How Fenugreek Tea Helps

Drinking fenugreek tea can help lower your cholesterol levels which can also lower your risk of suffering from a heart attack or a stroke. This is accomplished because fenugreek has the ability to lower the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive system. In this same manner it can also lower blood sugar levels in the body by preventing the absorption of glucose into the digestive system.

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