The Benefits of Bleach-Free Fenugreek Tea Bags

BuddhaTeas Fenugreek Tea Bleach Free Tea BagsThere is no doubt that many benefits can be gained from a good cup of decently brewed tea. Herbal teas come in a variety of unique tastes and there are even some that hold various remedial qualities to them. There are many who prefer drinking tea; a natural, healthy, and very soothing drink overall. Unfortunately, the wonderful benefits to be gained from drinking tea may sometimes come along with unexpected risks if the tea is produced using chlorine bleached tea bags.

Bleached tea bags are more harmful than most people are aware of because they can leak harmful chemicals into a good brew of tea. For this reason there are many people who are making a switch to ensure that the tea bags that they purchase are organic and produced free of harmful chemicals and bleach.

How Tea Bags Are Made

Tea bags have changed very little since their origin in the 1900s. In the beginning, they were made using muslin, silk, and gauze materials. Today, tea bags are usually made from a filter paper that is made using vegetable and wood fibers. Many companies will bleach this paper using chlorine so that it can better appeal to the public eye, however the chemicals in the chlorine can linger on the tea bag. Afterwards, the tea bag is coated in chemicals to make it more resilient to water and the tea is often sealed inside using a thermoplastic material.

Health Risks of Dioxin

The process of bleaching tea bag paper allows harmful chemical residues like dioxin to get into the tea that we drink. Dioxin is an ingredient in chlorine that has been shown to cause many adverse health effects on those that are exposed to it. Studies have proven that these effects can be detrimental to hormonal and reproductive development. Dioxin exposure can adversely affect the immune system, and cause developmental effects. Furthermore, introduction of dioxin in the body can lead to oxidative stress as well which may cause cancer. The chemical dioxin remains in the body for a period of up to 11 years. During this time, dioxin can build up in the fat cells leading to higher chances of damage as time progresses.

Using Bleach Free Tea Bags

These unwanted chemicals are why many people are switching to healthier alternatives. As the public awareness of these dangers continues to grow, many companies are beginning to offer tea bags that are free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Consumers can be reassured by labels that state that their tea bags are dioxin and bleach free. These labels are often found on the outside of tea bags or boxes, though sometimes it can also be found on the website of that specific tea company. Choosing bleach and dioxin free tea bags can better ensure good health and longevity, which has made them a preferred choice among consumers.

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