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Lemon Law - The Standard Reference Guide

The most expensive purchase most Americans make is a car. It's not surprising that the hottest consumer topic in the country today is the Lemon Law. An estimated 5% of the 16,000,000 sold annually are lemons. The most comprehensive book written on Lemon Law is at hand now from author/attorney Norman F. Taylor. His extraordinary experience over 18 years and thousands of successful cases is available to the public at last.

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"Lemon Law - The Standard Reference Guide"

Lemon Law California is hosted by the Law Offices of Norman Taylor & Associates as a service to California consumers. It provides information about:

  • Consumer rights under the California Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act
  • Common vehicle problems
  • Recent manufacturer recalls
  • Advice on how to resolve problems
  • How to determine if you have a lemon law case

This information is designed to offer assistance to consumers to take on the most resistant manufacturers and get refund or replacement for your defective car, truck, SUV, RV, boat or motorcycle. If your vehicle is not performing properly, and you suspect it may be a lemon, please contact us for further information.

Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act: California Lemon Law
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